31 January 2011

✄ DIY Charm Bracelet

This is one of the pieces of jewellery that I've made.  It is one of the oldest pieces, it was inspired by one of my best friend's charm bracelet (I'll have to ask her who made it, also check out her blog, she has her amazing art on there) because usually charm bracelets are quite bare with just a few odd charms.  Hers however was overflowing with charms and I instantly loved it so naturally I had to have a go at making one myself, and this is what i've done so far.  I don't think I'll ever stop adding to it, even if it becomes too heavy to lift!

I'm listening to: Highway Man by Johnny Cash

1 comment:

  1. Hi! Found you on an IFB group. Can I tell you that I was shocked when I saw that gorgous giant picture of a charm bracelt at the top of the blog? I love charm bracelts. Anyways, just great to see another DIY-er out here in this scary world of blogs! :)