2 February 2011

I spy with my little eye...

Yesterday I went up to London for some unpleasant medical tests and on the way to the hospital, and at one of the stops on the bus a very red, nervous-looking guy got off the bus by the back entrance, which I was opposite in my wheelchair.  So he stepped onto the pavement and there was this tall atractive lady in a long expenisive-looking coat and one of those fur Russian hats.  They then spoke for only a few seconds and turned around and went off in opposite directions.  Now, any other person probably wouldn't've noticed this suspicious situation, but I am obsessed with thinking people are spys, which I guess kind of makes me a amateur spy as well (yes, maybe not but let me have this one)!  My boyfriend is always saying it's ridiculous, but there must be spies out there, maybe its not like Spooks and 24 in the real world but they don't just sit in an office all day, they've got plenty of spying to do.  Personally I think Jack Bauer would be proud of me, so proud that he might even have a little cry about it in his car.  So there.

I'm listening to: 'The Pink Panther Theme Tune' by Henry Mancini... Just kidding!!

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