17 February 2011

Modern Family - Get Phil's ugly sweater/ hoodie here!!

So while doing my daily rounds of trolling through the high street websites hoping to get an amazing find.  Well, I did!  Now I'm assuming that everyone watches Modern Family, and if you don't, start right now but finish reading my post first!  So in the episode MuthaTrucker the father, Phil, buys this hoodie which everyone says is too feminine, but he still decides to wear it out to get ice cream. (I'm jealous, we don't have ice cream parlours in England)

He still thinks his hoodie is great, until...

He then promptly takes the hoodie off and throws it in the nearest bin.
So the reason I'm telling you all this is because I found this jumper in H&M and thought all you Modern Family fans might be interested in it.  Personally I think it's a hideous choice of colours, but that's just my opinion, so for those of you who are interested, here it is.
H&M jumper £9.99

I'm listening to:  'Back in the Sadle' by Aerosmith
Images from: http://shop.hm.com/gb/

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