6 February 2012

♀ Outfit: Rock and Roll

First of all I like to make it clear that I hate clothes with dumb stuff written on them. It just seems so strange that you would want someone else's opinions on you clothes. Maybe I'm getting a bit deep here, it's not like they're saying anything controversial I guess. But they still make me cringe.

And no I'm not going to tell you where they're from because you shouldn't buy them.
I love the way the fluffiness makes it look like it's lit up
So why did I buy it? To be honest I don't really know, I'm wearing it ironically ok? Give me a break.
shirt and jumper: New Look    leggings and hat: H&M    shoes: Dr Martens    bag: Primark DIY

Although I don't have many crazy prints to mix, this was also a timid first attempt at mixing prints; the shirt, leggings and hat. How did I do?

I'm listening to:  Tom Sawyer by Rush

2 February 2012

♀Outfit: Monochrome Accessories

I went out yesterday evening for a friend's birthday bash, but it was already dark by the time I'd dolled myself up so I couldn't do a full outfit post. But to be honest the look wasn't really about the clothes.

I wish I had glow-in-the-dark accessories
watch: New Look £5      ring: Topshop £2.50

shoes: Boohoo £30
Originally I saw a pair of a similar style leopard print boots in New Look and almost bought them for £59.99. Thankfully I had a look elsewhere and managed to find a pair almost identical at Boohoo, but in the end I decided on these ones. I'm super happy with them and they look great with skinny jeans.

necklace: Primark £1

I'm listening to: Heaven's On Fire by The Radio Dept

1 February 2012

✄ DIY Celebrity Style

Do you love to DIY? Do you want to dress like your favourite stars but don't want to just buy the style? Well, at Cut Out + Keep's DIY the Look you can get get the celebrity style from tutorials to help you DIY the clothes and accessories yourself.

I was featured on this Evan Rachel Wood edition:

Recognise number 1? Yep, those are my Pearly Sunglasses, you can see my tutorial on the site here.
Oh, and there's one for Kesha too, not that anyone in their right mind would want to look like her or should ever emulate her 'style'. But just for an easy laugh, here she is in all her grotty glory:

... you just know she smells

I'm listening to: No Scrubs by TLC (Disclaimer: I'm reliving a classic ok?)

 Images from: cutoutandkeep.com