☞ About My Blog ☜

It all started as simply something to do, to pass the time when I was going through my seriously unmotivated, depressed, hermit stage when all I did was surf the internet in my bed all the time I wasn't with my boyfriend. Dark times.
So I started to have a bit of a moan mostly but as time went on I stumbled upon some fashion and diy blogs such as ...love Maegan, Nice and ShinyChic StealsP.S. - I made this. I instantly thought I could do that! So I had a go... and the rest is history I guess. Blogging has really kick-started me into 'living' again and has helped me out of some of the worst years of my life (see the About Me page for my story) and has helped to push me back into education (I'm applying to go to uni again). So THANK YOU to the above bloggers and all the other fashion diy blogs I haven't mentioned.

I am thoroughly enjoying building up my DIY's page, learning lots of different crafts and discovering other blogs daily. I am slowly building up the strength and motivation to start uni again (fingers and toes crossed!)

Once I've lost a bunch of weight (which sadly will take a while; I find it hard to exercise because of my disability and my medication destroys any metabolism I have) I hope to be confident enough to post some photos of my own style. Screw it! I'm going to do outfit posts anyway!
p.s Don't be shocked in my outfit posts that I'm standing up. I am disabled but luckily for me that doesn't mean I'm in a wheelchair all day long.

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