10 June 2012

Supreme Neoprene

Ok, so first off I have to publicly apologise to Ruari for taking the piss out of his cheapo neoprene iPad case because only days later I developed a deep yearning for one of my own. No, not an iPad case; a handbag. I had no idea where one would find a neoprene handbag so, of course, I went straight to eBay where I found this Birkin-style Leghila Neoprene B Bag currently at £180 no bids with 4d 22h left.

here's the link

I really didn't expect to find any handbags made of neoprene, let alone a designer one; clearly I'm not as fashion-forward as I like to think. What? I've been out of the fashion blogging scene for a while ok? Give me a break.
Anyway, here are some I've found and now want:

Leghila B Bag (leghila.com)

Leghila G Bag £158.75 (leghila.com)

Leghila Cube Bag £93.62 (leghila.com)

Alexander McQueen £335

Topshop £28

Pierre Hardy £435 (net-a-porter.com)

Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy £1145 (net-a-porter.com)

ASOS £35 17.50

Alexander Wang £576.11 (cultstatus.com)

And then it just got weird

Asher Levine £1609 (idontlikemondays.com)

They make shoes out of it too!

Jeffery Campbell £115 (harveynichols.com)

Pierre Hardy £680 (net-a-porter.com)
Miista Hilda £45.96 (idontlikemondays.com)
Jeffery Campbell x Smoosh £121.56 (nastygal.com)

ASOS £15

Still can't decide whether I love or hate these boots:
Jeffery Campbell £110.73 (karmaloop.com)

I think I'm going to draw the line at clothes made of it (other than wet suits of course); a girl can have too much of a good thing. It must be super fun to design clothing and accessories out of it though because it's both stiff and malleable, so many possibilities. Hmm, I wonder if it's cheap? Maybe I could make a bag of my own...?

Ruari's next birthday present perhaps?
Marc Jacobs £43.76 (endless.com)

p.s I just realised that I need make it clear that Ruari has an iPad 3, not just an iPad, otherwise he'll get mad.

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  1. the bag packs celection is fab and JC shoes are brilliant!

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