28 October 2011

✄ DIY tutorial: Pearly Sunglasses

I've finally got round to making a proper tutorial for my pearly sunglasses and here it is:
What You'll Need: 
A pair of sunglasses
Strong glue 
(all I had was superglue)
A nail file or fine metal file
A load of pearls 
(make sure you work out roughly how many you'll need before you start and not make the same mistake I did in my old post)

1. Gently file over, on the sunglasses, where you will place your pearls (it increases the strength between the sunglasses and the pearls).
2. File each pearl until they have one small flat edge (this is so they sit against the sunglasses easier).

3. Add a blob of glue to the flat side of the pearl and hold it in place on your subglasses until it has set.
 3. Repeat this step until your sunglasses are covered.

What do you think of my latest DIY? If you like what you see then spread the word. If you have a go at it please credit me and don't forget to send me your pictures.

I'm listening to: Zebra by Beach House

26 October 2011

Film: What's up with Mads Mikkelson's left eye?

While writing my last post about The Three Musketeers 3D I realised that the character Rocheforte played by incredible actor Mads Mikkelson wears an eye patch.

And normally I wouldn't think twice about it, except that I've watched two other films recently where I'm sure his characters have dodgy left eyes...

Yep, his character Le Chiffre in Casino Royal has definitely got something seriously wrong with his left eye because he' got a big old scar over it and blood starts to run out of it at one point during the film!

And lastly he seems to have just gone and lost his eye completely in the film Valhalla Rising, it was probably ripped out in a vicious fight prior to when you first met his character. By the way this film is not for the faint-hearted; he rips some one's guts out at one point!

I'm listening to: Feed My Frankinstein by Alice Cooper (going to see him tonight!!!)

25 October 2011

Film review: The Three Musketeers 3D

Right, first of all I would like to make it clear that my boyfriend and I did not go out with the intention of seeing this film. We were looking forward to seeing Midnight in Paris but it was sold out and so it was either  this or Paranormal Activity 3, and having sat through the slowest 87 minutes of my life that was Paranormal Activity, I wasn't massively intrigued. Although having said that, Paranormal Activity 3's directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost gave us the compelling Catfish. And considering how tense that was throughout, maybe PA3 is worth a watch on the internet. Maybe.

A well-styled harmless, hammed up bit of fun.

Just thought I'd give a mention to my two favourite actors of the moment, Christoph Walzt and Mads Mikkelson, who both decided to be in this film for some reason?! Plus I think they're both hot!

I'm listening to: Might As Well Be On Mars by Alice Cooper (going to see him on his Haloween Night of Fear Tour tommorow!)

24 October 2011

✄ DIY idea: Deryck Todd's headwear

I came across this bangin helmet by Deryck Todd (I wish I owned a motorbike but I think my mum would have a nervous breakdown, so maybe I'll get one and just won't tell her...mum if you're reading this I'm joking!) on fancy, check out my catalogue.

the man himself
I'm going to have a go at the middle one if I can find enough bling! But I also think the one with the ring is mint. Not so sure about the googely eyes one but you could use absolutely anything, as long as you have enough to cover the front. What things would you use?

I'm listening to: Smoking in the Boy's Room by Motley Crue (I'm seeing them in December at Wembley! Can't wait.)

23 October 2011

love. want. NEED!

One of Niki Minaj's many wigs
Skull wallpaper by Barbara Hulaniki
Burberry platform creepers
Skull sugar cubes
Urban Outfitters studded satchel £58
Deborah Lippman Flat Top Matte Coat
American flag hairstyle

Gold studded boots by Laurence Dacade
SI Ti 9mm bullet earphones
Pug puppy!!
The Efeet Collection by Dylan Kendall
Lennon sunglasses from Modekungen

Chanel leather rucksack

11 October 2011

Film review: Drive

I just can't stop thinking about this film.

... and Ryan Gosling's jacket of course! I was going to buy a replica for my boyfriend until I found out it would cost me $159.99. I just don't love him that much. Jokes.
I'm listening to: Nightcall by Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx from the incredible soundtrack.

Delfina Delettrez

Collars are all the rage this season, and there are some beautiful ones out there, like these pieces by the beautifully named Delfina Delettrez. I love the way her pieces are so strong; with their clean cut edges that almost look sharp, but not overpowering because the thickness of the metal she has used makes them look quite delicate and very elegant. If the metal were to be any heavier the pieces would loose that dainty feeling and would become overpowering.
 TIP: Wearing this piece over a jumper or top will instantly smarten up your outfit.

She also makes some amazing skeletal inspired accessories:

And how freakin' awesome is this?! I must have one.

I'm listening to: Black No1 by Type O Negative

8 October 2011

Film review: Melancholia

It was everything The Tree of Life tried (and failed) to be.

Plus Kirsten Dunst's wedding boloro was beautiful:

I'm listening to: The King of Carrot Flowers Pt One by Neutral Milk Hotel