26 October 2011

Film: What's up with Mads Mikkelson's left eye?

While writing my last post about The Three Musketeers 3D I realised that the character Rocheforte played by incredible actor Mads Mikkelson wears an eye patch.

And normally I wouldn't think twice about it, except that I've watched two other films recently where I'm sure his characters have dodgy left eyes...

Yep, his character Le Chiffre in Casino Royal has definitely got something seriously wrong with his left eye because he' got a big old scar over it and blood starts to run out of it at one point during the film!

And lastly he seems to have just gone and lost his eye completely in the film Valhalla Rising, it was probably ripped out in a vicious fight prior to when you first met his character. By the way this film is not for the faint-hearted; he rips some one's guts out at one point!

I'm listening to: Feed My Frankinstein by Alice Cooper (going to see him tonight!!!)

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