8 September 2011

There are no words.

Seriously . there . are . no . words! What the...? Why would you ever...? What were you thinking...?
Imagine if somehow a pair of these fluffy knee shorts found themselves in a time capsule and the people of the future opened it up, saw them and thought this was what the cool people were wearing in the noughties?
And who is responsible for these things I hear you cry? Graeme Armour, that's who. He must be stopped.

HOLD UP! Never judge a designer by his fluffy knee mesh shorts; don't forget his SS10 collection:
But will you ever be able to forgive him?

I'm listening to: Daylight by Aesop Rock
Images from: google.com

6 September 2011

Get It? Got It!

ASOS Premium Curly Shearling Coat £290
Motel (vintage section) £10

I'm listening to: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived by Weezer
Images from: ASOS.com

5 September 2011

Brand New UGGs!

As you will see below, I'm long overdue some new UGGs. I got these from a friend a few years ago and I've worn them to death. I've had to wait a while for these new ones because they're so expensive; they ended up being two birthday presents worth and I made up the rest. Totally worth it though!

RIP old UGGs, you served me well

I'm listening to: John by Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross

1 September 2011

Get It? Got It!

It's one of the greatest feelings in the world when you're checking out this season's must have's and you spot something that looks vaguely familiar. You have a rumage in the back of your cupboard and, voila! You have that old, but bang on trend item in your hands, and all for £0.00!
Urban Outfitters Cooperative Intarsia Racoon Sweater £45
Henry Holland for Debenhams £15
Bernhard Willhelm for Mykita £245
Bought at Truck festival £8
I'm listening to: Crazy by Aerosmith
Images from: style.com, Urban Outfitters