1 February 2012

✄ DIY Celebrity Style

Do you love to DIY? Do you want to dress like your favourite stars but don't want to just buy the style? Well, at Cut Out + Keep's DIY the Look you can get get the celebrity style from tutorials to help you DIY the clothes and accessories yourself.

I was featured on this Evan Rachel Wood edition:

Recognise number 1? Yep, those are my Pearly Sunglasses, you can see my tutorial on the site here.
Oh, and there's one for Kesha too, not that anyone in their right mind would want to look like her or should ever emulate her 'style'. But just for an easy laugh, here she is in all her grotty glory:

... you just know she smells

I'm listening to: No Scrubs by TLC (Disclaimer: I'm reliving a classic ok?)

 Images from: cutoutandkeep.com

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