3 February 2011

Give your head a hug.

I stumbled upon a Head Huggers just now, it's a fantastic site that was set up to help people who've had chemotherapy or other illnesses, which lead to hair loss, to keep their heads warm and in (I think) a fashionable way.  There are free patterns for all the hats for men, women and children on the site and links to patterns off site as well.  The plan is to distribute them to hospitals, hospices, homes and anywhere they would be needed.  So join Sue W. Thompson and volunteer to make a lot of heads warmer!
Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap
 I'm so glad I've found this site because I've knitted jumpers with hoods (I LOVE hoods, they frame the face so well) before but none of the patterns I've come across have a rounded hood, they all end up pointy.  So when I saw this hat and the way it hugs the head and got all excited.  I'm going wool shopping tomorrow!
Crochet Flapper Hat
To me this design looks more like a Cloche hat, which happens to be 'in' right now and luckily I haven't bought one yet so that's another one for the to do list.  It's funny; the reason I haven't bought a cloche hat yet is because I wasn't sure if it would work well with short hair, but if it works for no hair, I think it'll work for me just fine!

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Images from: http://www.headhuggers.org/default.htm 

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