3 February 2011

Call Security!

After finding Head Huggers, (see previous post) which I keep calling Head Bangers, I stumbled on a page from Vlieger & Vandam which was this piece from the Autumn/ Winter '10 collection.  Now with Stumble Upon! you get to choose which categories you want to stumble on e.g art, fashion, films etc.  However, I somehow managed to tick the 'guns' category, but I guess it turned out OK, now that found this piece from the collection.

Guardian Angel Soft a/w10/11

I also found these Hairwear pieces from 2002 that reminded me of the previous post.  Once again I love the fit of the sculpted hairwear.  The jaw strap on the left-hand one instantly makes me think of a balaclava, those two elements make the piece more strong and masculine, compared to the elegance of the right-hand piece.   It's a very flowing and feminine sculpture, it has the elongated back that suggests long hair and has a large hanging pendant.  Although the pendant is big and looks heavy, it still maintains the flowing essence of this beautiful piece.

Hairwear 2002

While exploring the site I came across this, and I just had to buy it (plus it was in the sale, score!)
Vlieger & Vandam Charm Gun Skin s/s11
Can you blame me?!

I'm listening to: 'Russian Roulette' by Rihanna - rather appropriate I think
Images from:  http://www.vliegervandam.com/

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