5 January 2011

Alpine fashion right down its roots, literally!

Just found the most amazing pieces of fashion textile.  Pauline Borca's S/S 11 collection is just so beautifully quaint, but there's more going on behind these physical pieces.  Borca raises questions which subjects range from the very core of the earth, right up into space.  This collection is all about the mystery of the future adventures of these couples.

 * * *
I came across Primark's S/S 11 collection purely because I saw this picture and recognised the model, Jade McSorley from the fifth series of Britain's Next Top Model.  I must admit that I had a bit of a soft spot for Jade and I'm glad she hasn't disappeared after coming third in the competition.  (I realise I also just admitted that I watched that programme!)  Anyway, I think this dress has hints of inspiration from the freshness of the alpine landscapes and it's not half bad for Primark.  Now don't get me wrong I love a good Primark spree, but I don't go in expecting to find the most stylish piece of the year, I just go for the basics.  This Spring/ Summer collection however looks like it could have some simple but classy pieces; so bring on the summer.
 Actually don't!  I HATE SUMMER, one because it's hot (obviously), two because it's hot and three...yep, you guessed it; because it's hot.  But seriously because of the heat you can barely keep cool when you're only wearing one layer, and I'm all about the layering.  You can change your look at the drop of a hat, it hides a multitude of sins (and by 'sins', I mean my belly), you can help to regulate your body temperature by taking on/ off clothes - and that's an important one for me especially because my sensitive nervous system is extremely temperamental, I've been forced to shop online now (I say that like its a chore!) because I have a maximum of two minutes in a shop before sweat stars running down my face.  Extremely embarrassing and extremely disgusting.  And its not like I can predict it either, other than when I go in shops, I can be freezing cold with goosebumps in winter and still be sweating but enough of that, I think I am more than justified in hating summer.  End of.

I'm listening to: 'Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All) by Type O Negative
Images courtesy of: http://www.paulineborca.com/, http://www.primark.co.uk/home 

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