26 January 2011

The most expensive boots I've ever bought

Since we're on the subject of Dr Martens, I'll show you a pair of my own that I had to get from America.
These bad boys are limited edition Dr Martens for Open Ceremony Darcie - 8 eyelet, pony hair, monstruo.  Quite a mouthful and quite a large hole in my bank account too!  When I bought my first pair of DMs I really wanted another pair straight away and this has happened with piercings and tattoos too.
Now if you've read my first post you might be wondering why I've bought shoes with high heels; well firstly when I go out I only ever walk a small distance and secondly, there's nothing better than getting a large parcel (most of my shopping is done on the net because it cuts out all the stress and pain of walking from shop to shop, trying things on and don't even think of trying to get round town and shops in a wheelchair ), opening it up and seeing a pair of awesome shoes, and I ain't missing out on that, no sir-ree bob!

I'm listening to: 'F**k You' by Cee Lo Green

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