27 January 2011

D I Why? Cos I gotta! do it again and again cos I'm a perfectionist!

I posted my first attempt at making pearly sunglasses about 2 weeks ago, and only now; having run out of my first set of pearls 3/4 of the way through, then desperately tried to find some more pearls of the same size and colour and failed miserably.
this is my everest!
So then I happened upon a necklace in the New Look sale, which had a bunch of strings of different sized pearls and I started again.
check the weird nubbin growing on my apple!
But oh no, that wasn't the end of it.  I became so preoccupied with making them symmetrical (which is jolly hard when the glasses are heart shaped) that I put them on and took them off three times before, now I have finally let them be at 2.53am.  They need a bit of tidying up, no I must go to sleep!

I'm listening to: 'Tell 'Em' by Sleigh Bells

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