13 January 2011

... continued Paris Fashion Week 2011

Wow, I massively failed on doing one a day but I'll try and make up for it!
I said these posts were supposed to be my favourite shoes from Paris Fashion Week and they are, but not always in a good way.  Both my boyfriend and mother have said that this shoe is repulsive and yes they are kind of right, but it intrigues me most of all.  I love the way when you first look at it you feel a little unsettled because you know something isn't normal before your brain has managed to work out what is different.  These (what I like to call, 'boat') shoes are from the Maison Martin Margiela Spring Summer collection, which is full of big shapes that extend out from the body.  To me they look like when you're young, trying to make clothes for your barbie and you're not quite sure how to attach them and the cut-out paper clothes with fold-over tabs for your dolls, and for these reasons I love them!

I'm listening to: 'Sexual Healing' by Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals 
Images from: http://www.style.com/ 

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