13 January 2011

...continued Paris Fashion Week 2011

As the new creative director for Alexander McQueen, Sarah Bruton (who has been working for him since 1996) has had a lot to live up to after Alexander McQueen's passing, but fear not she has managed to maintain the McQueen essence all the way through her vision for the fashion house.  The shoes from the collection were polar opposites; there were the strong metal-toe-capped ankle boots whilst still evoking femininity through the leather leaves and gold-patterned buckles, the other end of the spectrum were the shoes that featured the leaves as the heels, leaving the top of the foot quite bare apart from the odd butterfly.  This collection's emphasis on the heel and platform of the shoe is reminiscent of McQueen's2010-11 'fall' collection (as you Americans would say) of metal feathers and flowers, and beautifully flowing metal platforms and heels.

The clothes from the catwalk were breathtaking; they had stiff torso structures with effortlessly weightless bottoms of the dresses, there were crisp, white military coats, bohemian floating dresses cinched in at the waist by leather leafed belts, a dress of butterflies that went right up to the jaw line and lots of gold embroidery.  The way the fabric was draped made it move down the catwalk exquisitely.

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