29 January 2011

Will everybody please get over Emma Watson.

Right, lets begin by getting this out of the way; if you admit to finding her in any way attractive as Hermione, then you've just admitted that you've actually wasted several hours of your life watching those films, and that there is something seriously wrong with you and you should seek help immediately because she was too young, too annoying and way too much of a bad actress.  Towards the end (thank god) of the Harry Potter films she obviously wanted to shed the Hermione image and decided in 2010 to go to Glastonbury Festival dressed in tight denim shorts and a Louis Vuitton corset!  Come on now, really?  First of all don't wear a corset if you have no boobs (unless it has some heavy duty push-up abilities) because you look even more flat-chested.  Also if you go to that festival you're probably pretentious or a twat, or both.  You see, no one actually enjoys sleeping on the ground, getting covered in mud, not going to the toilet  for 3/4 days for fear of catching a disease, spending money on dodgy drugs that don't work or make you feel terrible, spending a fortune on expensive drinks if you haven't brought your own and seeing crappy pop bands that you ironically pretend to like.  Idiots.  But back to Emma Watson, and how following the trend of getting a pixie-style cropped haircut apparently made her even more attractive (even though she really isn't anything special) and somehow managed to make her so fashion forward that she started appearing in glossy mags.
She has also just released her third collection with People Tree for Spring/ Summer 2011, which, to be honest, is pretty uninspiring.  And she can't model either, she seems to think that there are only two poses; cross your legs and tilt your head to the side, and the hunched one with hands on your hips.  Bless.
Obviously those clothes are giving her a crick in the neck.
Having said all this I don't dislike her, I dislike the way everyone's praising her for doing nothing.

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