9 January 2011

...continued Paris Fashion Week 2011

Lets get straight in there with some Jean Paul Gaultier (from Vogue.com), his tribute to the 'Queens of Rock', inspired by his love of the way women dressed to go clubbing in the late seventies in Britain.  This meant big patent leather boots, black smudged eyes, fishnets all over the place, super tight hot pants, lace bodies and not much else!  There was a softer, pinker rock vibe with bustiers, leggings and ruched rose-print chiffon.  The toughest pieces were black baggy jeans or tight red hot pants and metal bras, not forgetting the 'wife beaters', which have never looked so good!  Beth Ditto also did an acapella version of River Deep, Mountain High once the guitars of Joan Jett and The Blackhearts had stopped blaring over the speakers for the catwalk soundtrack.
What I love most about these 'boots' is the versatility, it looks like the leg warmer -esque part could be unlaced leaving the red patent shoes underneath.  I love the idea of leg warmers, for want of a better word - maybe knee warmers would be better - that go up to the mid thigh and go all the way down over the boot or shoe.  It is so aesthetically awesome to me that I need to try some out.  I'll probably have to make them using leather/ pleather or I could do some Rodarte-esque knitted ones.  The only thing I've seen out there to buy is these leggings from an online shop called Boohoo, most of their style isn't to my taste but there are always some amazing gems.

I'm listening to: 'Here We Are, Juggernaut' by Coheed and Cambria
Images from: http://www.style.com/ 

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