22 January 2012

Super cute and cosy knitwear from Celapiu

With all these 'pre-fall' collections around at the moment (see my post about Givenchy's collection), is making me want to buy new knitwear and luckily I've found just the place; Celapiu on Etsy. They do a mixture of adorable animal-inspired pieces and striking statement garments. The Bambi headband is my favourite.

Bambi headband $30                                                                              Bambi hat $45
Hoot hat $37
Accordian scarf $60                                                                        Little wing shrug $125
Braided shrug 95                                                                               Braided poncho £180
These last two are totally DIY-able; plait some jersey, sew it together and (optional) add some arms from an old jumper. Definitely going to try one.
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  1. how gorgeous are these?! I wish it were color enough here for that kind of headwear.