8 January 2012

Fashion on the streets of Japan.

Japanese Streets  is one of the most addictive websites out there; it has 126 pages of street fashion with 6 photos per page. And yes, I spent a good 45 minutes looking at all of them! I wish our country was this colourful; they may not always get it right in Japan (in my opinion) and there's definitely a good bunch of weird styles out there but at least they own it. 
These are the best ones:

 And my two favourites:

I had to put this one in just for the jumper. Where do they get this stuff?

I'm listening to: Particle Man by They Might Be Giants
Images from: japanesestreets.com


  1. I love it too- some totally quirky awesomeness.

  2. gorgeous! i love that leopard print skirt!

  3. They all have such funky style! it's quite amazing and brave actually