18 January 2012

Not exclusively for nerds.

Are you sick of burrowing your way through smelly old vintage shops run by crazy old ladies, trying to find iconic pieces from past? Do you really want that battered leather jacket from the 80s but are creeped out by the thought that someone else has worn it before you? No? Me neither! But for those of you that are, I've found the perfect alternative.
Not only do new sites Nerd Boyfriend and Nerd Girlfriend show you cool old photos of everyone from Rob Lowe to Truman Capote; they also show you where to find their exact looks on the internet.

Rob Lowe in The Class

John Candy as Del Griffith in Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Harrison Ford

Truman Capote

I'm listening to: Rainbow in the Dark by Das Racist
Images from: nerdboyfriend.com, nerdgirlfreind.com


  1. WHOA Rob Lowe was a hottie!!! I must explore more pics of him >_< need some eye candy at work LOL

    xo Stephanie
    honey & silk blog

    1. I KNOW! he's definitely a welcome distraction!