15 January 2012


At first I was just going to call this post 'LOVE dilemma' to make it sound mysterious but then I realised that browsers would actually think it would just be a soppy ramble about my love life. So I wisely decided against it!
Ever since I first saw the Moschino letter belts, I've been in love. And because buying one is o.u.t.o.f.t.h.e.q.u.e.s.t.i.o.n. sadly, I've been on a mission to find or make one.

Look at their tiny waists and smug faces. I hate them all.
Now, I've looked all over the internet trying to find anyone who makes letters that slide onto belts, but I've had no luck. I've even looked into buying screw-on metal letters used for house names from hardware shops but they are so very heavy and have big old holes in them where the screws are supposed to go... And then I found this belt in the Urban Outfitters sale.

I had a feeling it would be too small but I couldn't pass it by. So my options are: cut the belt just inside the two studs and try and find a longer belt/ ribbon to put through it or try adding an extra length of belt with poppers on the end which I could fix to the end of the belts.
I'm tempted to go for the first option because it would mean that I could use different coloured belts/ ribbons each time I wear it. But what do you think?

I'm listening to: Chinese Democracy by Guns N' Roses


  1. i would try to make the belt longer maybe adding an elastic band to the end?
    If you want the moschino belt you can try to look for it on ebay, you should be able to find it at a cheaper price

    1. That would definitely be the easiest option, but I think it would look ugly. I'm off to ebay now...

  2. The lettering on belts is very interesting! I feel your dilemma,though.You should consider different other options as far as the letters,for instance,find really heavy leather and cut out the letters with tracers from a craft store and glue them to your belt.That way you can really have a freedom of word choice,font,etc.
    Hope it helps.


  3. That's such a good idea... I need to find me some leather!