23 January 2012

♀Outfit: Missoni-esque 70s flared sleeves

 Replace my shoes with some roller skates and this outfit could be from the set of Boogie Nights. This is actually the first time I've worn this top; bit of a risk using it for my first outfit post, I know. It's not in keeping with my mostly monochrome style, which you'll see in future posts, but every wardrobe needs a bit of colour. Mainly I had to buy it because it looks like it could come straight out of  the Missoni archives.

 locket and  ring: New Look
top and waistcoat: River Island  shorts: ASOS  shoes: Primark
Unfortunately I've got a load of great photos which I can't use (where I'm actually smiling!) that have the back end of a dog in them. So in the end I gave up and decided to do a picture that they were actually supposed to be in! But when I wanted them in a photo they decided that they didn't want the limelight anymore but I was determined to get one so I had to crouch down to hold onto them and then had a bit of trouble getting up again. (Not the most comfy of positions for my poor knees!)
Jack and Holly
So the dreaded first outfit post is out of the way now thankfully. *Sigh*  How did I do?

I'm listening to: Slow and Easy by Whitesnake


  1. love your shoes! :)


  2. Loved the dress and you in it! Chevron stripes are gonna be a big trend this spring! Love it!
    PS. The dogs are so cute!

  3. Cute top, that patern reminds me of Misoni. :)

  4. Love the white shoes in this outfit and I agree with comment above the top looks ver Missoni :)