1 December 2011

✄ DIY tutorial: Studded Quilted Bag

Here's just a really quick and easy DIY I finished just a few minutes ago on my latest ebay purchase; £9.99 plus free shipping, you can't argue with that! I've been looking for a rucksack for ages since my prediction post that there were going to be a big trend back in March (I also thought I had done a post of rucksacks available at the moment but I can't find it; maybe I dreamt it?! I'll do one now...)
The best thing about studding is that it makes everything look much more expensive than it really is. It's totally true in this case I think.

What You'll Need:
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1. Simply push the prongs of your studs through the material and use pliers to bend the prongs inwards.


I am planning on getting round to studding the whole bag but my thumbs are too sore at the moment so it'll have to wait a while. I think it actually looks quite cool with just the top flap done.

What do you think of my latest DIY? If you like what you see then spread the word. If you have a go at it please credit me and don't forget to send me your pictures.

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  1. great way to update a quilted bag!! love!

    take care, aimee

    diy blog: swellmayde

  2. thanks swellmayde, i love anything quilted at the moment!

  3. Lovely idea on studding the purse.Very cute blog!