22 December 2011

These boots really are made for walking.

If you've read my ☞ About Me ☜ page then you'll know I suffer from a disabling condition. It limits the amount of walking I can do and it means that I have to wear sensible shoes most of the time. This doesn't mean that when I see an amazing pair of shoes at a massive discount I'm not going to pass them by though, does it?!
Kurt Geiger
In my defence they were 70% off and well, don't act like you wouldn't have caved in too! So far I've managed to wear them once (which I think is a triumph in itself) when my bf and I went for a meal on Valentine's Day. I thought it would be the perfect occasion to wear them as the only walking I would be doing would be from the car to the table and back again. HOWEVER. Trust me to chose the one restaurant that had cobblestones outside; it's really hard to look sexy when you can barely stand up. Epic fall fail!

So if you're like me and should really be wearing sensible shoes, have a little look down there (you may have noticed I'm obsessed with symbols at the moment).

ASOS March patent point £40    Topshop Underground Creepers £98    The Outnet Inimarket Boots £210 - 94.50
The Outnet Newbark Flats £295 - 118    Boohoo Chelsea Boots £40    Urban Outfitters £85
Urban Outfitters Dr. Martens £120 The Outnet Belle Sigerson Morrison Loafers £210-105 Miss Selfridge Flats £35-17
 The Outnet Alexander Birman £315-173.25 Topshop POMP Chelsea Boots £100    ASOS George Cox Creepers £195
The Outnet Belle Sigerson Morrison £280-126 Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Boots £75 Topshop ADMIRALBoots £68 

 Caution: although creepers are flat, they're actuallyquite hard and tiring to walk in because the soles are solid and quite heavy. Take a look at my own pair.

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Images from: ASOS.com, theoutnet.com, missselfridge.com, topshop.com, urbanoutfitters.co.uk


  1. Nice selection..BTW, I cave in and buy heels , and end up wearing my trusty flats or low heels most of the time..I guess we are wired to buy heels - no matter what! LOL!
    You have a lovely blog..I am exploring..:)

  2. Love the boots. Could never have caved myself because I have to be very selective on the heels I wear or I'll fall all over the place. I've been seeking a red pair of granny boots though. New follower here!