7 December 2011

✄ DIY tutorial: Romwe Bracelet

What you'll need:
Small link chain
Big link chain
Suede ribbon (the original is leather)
Ribbon clasps
Small jump rings
Lobster clasp

1. Measure three lengths of small chain to go round your first three fingers and one length of large chain to go around your wrist.

2. Measure and cut three lengths of suede ribbon (they will be slightly different sizes) and attach the metal ribbon ends. I chose to make the lengths of suede a little longer than the original because it allows for more movement.

3. Attach each length of suede to the large chain using the jump rings (I left two links of chain in between each length of suede) and to the corresponding 'rings' of small chain. Make sure the lengths of suede are the right way up and aren't twisted.

4. Attach the lobster clasp to the large chain and all that's left is to try it on and become the envy of your friends!
P.S I chose to use a beige coloured suede rather than the dark brown of the original because it looked less harsh against my pasty pasty skin!

What do you think of my latest DIY? If you like what you see then spread the word. If you have a go at it please credit me and don't forget to send me your pictures.

I'm listening to: All Falls Down by Kanye West (old skool!)
Images from: romwe.com


  1. Loving your latest DIY!! so creative and very original! Can't wait till the holidays when I will finally have some spare time on my hands to craft... :-) Already looking forward to your next DIY project! Love. Maria.

  2. great DIY! I think this could definitely be a great project to try :)

  3. Thanks Maria, I'm looking forward to your next project too. Bring on the holidays... and the crafting!

  4. Thanks LaaFemmeNIKIta, it's a super quick and easy project. Don't forget to send me your pictures!

  5. wow, very beautiful, a little punk, a little rock! great! thanks for sharing! :D

  6. Very interesting. Great post! :) This is original