30 December 2011

Kobi Levi's Qwerky Shoe Designs

 Mallard, tucan and swan creations.

Banana, blow-up doll(!) and chewing-gum inspired designs.

Olive Oly and Madonna, I love the microphone detail.

Mother & daughter, shopping basket and slide shoes.
By far, this is my favourite. For all you fashion concious grannies out there!

I'm listening to: So Appalled by Kanye West
Images from: kobilevidesign.blogspot.com, designboom.com


  1. Does someone really wear these shoes??? Except for the first ones..the rest belong only to an art exhibition! hahahah


  2. No idea! They look like they've been designed with wearability in mind though so maybe you could walk around in them - if you wanted to make a BIG statement!

  3. so weird but i can't stop looking at them! love the chewing gum one :)