12 December 2011

Steal Your Boyfriend's Jewellery

Whilst doing a bit of late night shopping with my boyfriend in Topman, somewhere I would never think to go into until, I spotted this on sale in the jewellery section.
£1 down from £8. Bargain!
 I wanted there to be two of them so badly so I could put them on a pair of shoes but alas, there was only one; I'll just have to turn it into a necklace (my DIY light bulb just lit up! Watch this space...)
So it got me thinking I should start frequenting the 'Mens Jewellery' pages on my next online window shopping spree. Here's what I came up with:

From left to right:
(Topman, Urban Male £9.99, Topman £15, ASOS (£8) £6,
    £30)        Asos (£8) £6,   (Urban Outfitters
ASOS £8             (Topman   Cheap Monday (£45) £20)
River Island £10,    £12)          ASOS £6, Topman £8
Urban Male £12.99, Topman £12, Topman £10, Topman £10, ASOS (£12) £9

(That took me AGES and I still think it's super confusing! Sorry.) 

I'm listening to: Christian Dior Denim Flow by Kanye West
Images from: topman.com, asos.com, riverisland.com, urban-male.com, urbanoutfitters.co.uk


  1. Okay, WHAT. I love that first necklace (the spikey bib) and the bare-bones bracelet at the top right but HOW ARE THEY FOR MEN? Seriously dying for both of them, although my style has always been a bit masculine. Such a cool post, thank you for sharing. Now I'm hooked on men's jewelry too. Because let's face it - none of your guy friends will wear it and none of your girl friends will have thought of it!!


    P.S. I love that Kanye song, so catchy and so good to drive to!

  2. I´m loving the first necklace so much that i can see what is next on the post hahahaha.


  3. Cool ideas!!! Talk about expanding your horizons!

  4. thanks for sharing!! amazing pieces!!

    take care, aimee

    SwellMayde DIY's

  5. Love those little boots! Would be a cute necklace!


  6. Lovely jewels!!

    If you have time can you please tell me what you think of my first photo shoot? I'd love your opinion!!


  7. Alyssa I'm no expert on photo shoots but it definitely doesn't look like your first one, and well done on choosing such a beautiful backdrop. Keep going!

  8. Hi CutieBoots if you want to make my lion shoes go to the hardware store and look for lion drawer pullers, I used those!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm there, tomorrow!