1 March 2011

So basically this post tells you how awesome I am at fashion and ting,

I may be going slightly up my own backside when I say that I am sooo ahead of my time!  I just get the urge to buy a specific item and then suddenly everyone else has one, here's the proof:

6th form - leg warmers under boots (which came back not so long ago)
              - checked shirt, which that is only now slowing down
Gap year(s) - over-sized fur coats, except mine was fluffy cos it's cheaper
Uni - over the knee socks
Post Uni - all kinds of tights, before all the rodarte stuff

I realise I'm sticking my neck out way too far but now I have the urge to buy a rucksack and I haven't been wrong yet so sit on it haters.
I'm already regretting writing this.  Goodnight.

I'm listening to: 'Sextape' by Deftones (who I saw with Coheed with my two favourite guys. It was boss).

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