13 March 2011


I don't know why I get the urge to post stuff so late at night, I guess I'm a 'night owl' if that's what you're called if you hate, and are unproductive, in the morning.  Which is most definitely true in my case!
n.b never, EVER wake me up before I absolutely have to be up; if you've tried this yourself then you've  definitely never made that mistake again.  It's not pretty and you have been warned.  I take no responsibility for any physical and/or verbal abuse that may occur in that situation.
The reason I get weird about sleep is because it is one small percentage of my life in which I be detatched from pain, plus I don't often get much uninterrupted sleep of it because of being woken up by the pain, plus plus I try to regulate my sleep with more tablets so it's all a delicate balance which I will try and get right now.  Goodnight.

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