9 March 2011

Today's grumble

The muscles around my shoulders are tight as hell, my Trigeminal Neuralgia is being a pain (literally) and I tried to write a post earlier today but I've just been put on Oxybutynin patches and they completely knocked me out, it's weird because I'm lucky in that I don't get side effects from most of my medication.  But this is apparently one of the exceptions and therefore I've had a completely unproductive day.  I've also just read that I shouldn't immerse the patch in hot water because it makes the patch release more of the drug or whatever... so how am I supposed to have a bath, bearing in mind that you have to put the patch on your ass or your hips/ lower tummy (I went for hip btw)????
I hate today, technically yesterday.  I hate it when people feel the need to make things technical.  I hate myself.
(see how I resisted the urge to say 'technically good morning', maybe today will be better?)

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