14 November 2011

What I'm doing on my night in.

So this is a little piece of hand and machine embroidery that I'm doing tonight, a work in progress. And I'm wearing silver undercoat and black Smash Up Crackle nail polish, both from Models Own. Speaking of which, check out their new Beetlejuice nail polish colours.
They look amazing by themselves but I think they could be a great base for making your own galaxy nails. Plus they're on offer at the moment; buy 3 save £3 or buy 5 and save £7. Bargin.

They were inspired by these guys                                                  not this guy!

I'm listening to: Crystal Necklace by Total Slacker

1 comment:

  1. DIY projects are the best "me-time" a girl can have. Is it weird that your nails make the embroidery shot slightly artsy?

    Just came across your blog and I'm a follower :)


    P.s. It's super sweet that your boyfriend is in your list of "Things I Love".